Meet Freedom Blonde, a new clay-based lightening system suitable for creative freehand techniques. Freedom Blonde’s rich, flexible and thick formula can be easily sketched on without using foils.  

1. Clay-based Lightener 
Compact and thick formula structure for creative freehand sketching


2. Easy sketch on without use of foils
For a natural color with subtle gradient effect

3. Lightens up to seven levels*
For beautiful blonde results

 *Maximum lift is on natural hair.

Start with Freedom Blonde Lifting Powder and add a Freedom Blonde Developer with sticky polymers for optimal adhesion. 


Freehand Formula with Freedom Fuse Effect
The result... a flexible, rich formula. Does not bleed or stain when used as directed.


Ultimate Glaze – A completely new category with trending pastel shades in Silver, Grey, Silver Lilac and new Peach.

Ultimate Glaze is a color product that’s solely comprised of character, no color level. Here’s how it works: after lightening and neutralizing, pick a glaze to add subtle tones and spice up the hair.