Luxurious Minimalism


Our mantra for 2016: “All you need is less.” So wave excessive indulgence goodbye. No more bling piled upon bling, intense Hollywood glamour and loud look-at-me prints. It's time for a look that’s non-glam and effortless, with neutral colors and clean lines. Minimalism is the new chic!

We’re constantly bombarded by information. Every day, there's thousands of new updates, new must-haves, and new it-pieces. The very moment you finally buy the newest of the new, it’s already out of date. So people want less. Now is the time for functionality and simplicity in fashion, beauty, interior design, technology, and travel. It's a breath of fresh air. 

But minimalism in 2016 means more than consuming less and creating clean looks. It’s about simple luxury and quality that lasts. It's about being true to yourself, embracing your natural beauty and not settling for less. Authenticity, sustainable production and craftsmanship are key to this new minimalism, as are environmentally friendly materials.