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Anti-Diversion Policy


Keune Anti-Diversion Policy 

What is diversion? 

Only marketed salons and stylists are approved to sell authentic Keune products. Diversion is when products are sold in unauthorized retail or wholesale outlets, or through an individual. 

Keune does NOT support diversion. 
Keune has never and will never sell direct to any grocery store, drugstore, discount store or any online retailer on a direct basis. Why? For two main reasons: First, Keune maintains a sense of integrity in support of the professional salon industry—in North America, we sell directly to distributors who sell directly to salons and stylists. Second, it’s about fairness and quality control for the consumer who deserves to buy a Keune product without potentially outdated formulas or manipulated pricing.  

Buying diverted products could be dangerous and more expensive.
Consumers who buy Keune products outside of a salon are potentially buying counterfeit, contaminated, stolen or outdated merchandise. Additionally, in most instances, the products may actually cost more than if purchased in an authorized salon. 

How does diversion happen? 
No beauty brand is immune to diversion due to product demand. As a global company, occasionally, there is diversion from other countries that is a challenge to control. Once notified or observed, we address it immediately with legal action, including international jurisdictions. 

What is Keune doing to stop diversion? 
Keune takes diversion very seriously and we do everything we can to stop it, including: 


 • Coding our products to trace them back to unauthorized sellers and taking appropriate action to stop the diversion.
 • Terminating any current distributors or filing litigation against past distributors, who have been identified as a diverter with 100-percent certainty.
 • Starting legal action once observed or reported, which has been successful with several mass market drug store chains and grocery stores.

Please report diversion.
If you happen to see a Keune product for sale outside of a salon, please call us at 678.377.5226 or email us at KeuneNorthAmerica@Keune.com with the product description or photo, city, state and retail location where you saw the products. We will investigate immediately in order to curtail this activity.

Thank you.