Creative Team

Sharing the passion with hairstylists all over the world

Hair is a way to express who we are. And with great styling, hair can truly bring out the best in everyone. At Keune, we're on a mission to create beautiful hair every day.

Creative team

International directors

Ilham Mestour

Global Creative Artistic Director


Ilham Mestour is working for over 18 years in the business and is one of the most well-regarded session stylists in the Netherlands. She is working for the international Team of Luigi Murenu and does show and fashionweeks for well-known brands as Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton.

As Global Creative Artistic Director for Keune, Ilham develops the yearly Trend Collections. Her signature look is feminine, slightly cheeky and exciting.

Kimm Koffijberg

Global Creative Color Director


With 17 years of experience Kimm is a real allrounder. Working in her own salon, winning multiple prizes and having previous jobs for other big haircarebrands Kimm has tons of experience.

Her focus is on the color side of the business. In her job as Global Creative Color Director she develops the new Trend Collections, color products and shades.

International Education Team

Gaby Bolwerk

Studio Coordinator


History: Hairstylist, former International Educator.

Best part of the job: With the lessons and experiences I had during my time as a International Educator now taking care of the other Educators so they can share their knowledge optimal.

Jeroen Struijlaart

International Educator


History: Study Fashion and Mediastyling, salonmanager.

Best part of the job: Sharing my creative mind with the rest of the world. Passion about styling is my motto.

Remi Veenhof

International Educator


History: Teacher at the school for hairdressers, salonmanager.

Best part of the job: The variation, every day is different. Different in hairtypes, cultures and the teams which I have to train.

Editha Kocks

International Educator


History: Salonmanager, colorspecialist, make-up artist.

Best part of the job: Traveling around the world to train teams and inspire each other.