The Keune Group

Every day, some 17 intellectually disabled employees arrive at Keune. They have their own conveyor belt, and work proudly together as "The Keune Group". These employees operate two packaging lines, and are valued members of our team.

Under our supervision, we ensure that they work according to their abilities. Without stress or production deadlines. Each of these employees is given the opportunity to do their best, and contribute to the success of our international company.

Hairwish foundation

For the 90 years anniversary Keune desired to make hair wishes come true. The foundation 'Stichting Haarwensen' (Hair Wishes) donates hairpieces and wigs to children under the age of 18 who have lost their hair to illness or medical treatments. Quality wigs are expensive and are only partially covered by medical insurance and are therefore often unaffordable.

In collaboration with hair salons nationwide, Keune was able to raise 88,5 meters (288 ft) of hair and € 30.000 ($38,732). Special thanks went to Hair salon 'Jolanda', this hair salon contributed more than 24 ponytails (6,75 m / 22 ft hair).