Hair artist Daan Kneppers, is part of a collective of contemporary hairstylists called The Vagabond Collective. They work on all kinds of locations - from old factories to abandoned schools. In 2011, Daan was named "Holland's Next Hair Guru" in a popular TV show. Now he's so well-known, people fly out to Amsterdam just to experience his unique style of hair art.

A Chicago native, Christy Gutierrez manages the Aniko Salon. Although she discovered her passion for hair at an early age – Christy colored her hair pink and purple as a child – she always thought she wanted to go into advertising. Then a friend introduced her to the world of hair and she’s been a stylist ever since.

Together with his wife Marina, Marco Anzelmo runs Fashion Hairdressers. Born and raised in Basel, Marco is part of the second generation of Italians living in Switzerland. He and Marina are proud parents to a daughter.

Guto Leça’s passion for hair started when he was very young. Today he runs a salon in downtown Rio together with his long time friend, Ricardo. Guto’s been in the business for 10 years. Before that, he studied tourism and worked at a bank. But hair has always been his thing.

Olga Dubeshko works for a chain of beauty salons called Salon Amsterdam. Born and raised in Minsk, Belarus, Olga was previously a math teacher. One day she went to see a hairdressing competition – and it changed her life! The style and elegance of working with hair had such an impact, she couldn’t speak for a full week.