Keune has worked together with salon professionals as true partners. Our expertise is based on close collaboration - so we understand the needs of professionals, and can help them accomplish beautiful things.

Ilham Mestour

Global Creative Artistic Director

Ilham Mestour is working for over 18 years in the business and is one of the most well-regarded session stylists in the Netherlands. She is working for the international Team of Luigi Moreno and does show and fashionweeks for well known brands as Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton.

As Global Creative Artistic Director of Keune, Ilham develops the yearly Trend Collections. Her signature look is feminine, slightly cheeky and exciting.

Kimm Koffijberg

Global Creative Color Director

With 17 years of experience Kimm is a real allrounder. Working in her own salon, winning multiple prizes and having previous jobs for other big haircarebrands Kimm has tons of experience.

Her focus is on the color side of the business. In her job as Global Creative Color Director she develops the new Trend Collections, color products and shades.

Daan Kneppers

Hair artist

Hair artist, Daan Kneppers, is part of a collective of contemporary hairstylist called the Vagebond Collective. They work at all kinds of locations - everything from old factories to abandoned schools.

In 2011, Daan was named ‘Holland’s Next Hair Guru’ in a populair TV show. Now he’s so well known that people fly to Amsterdam especially to experience his unique style of hair art.