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    Design Protein Spray

    Design Protein Spray

    What it does

    For instant protection and conditioning of your hair, leaving it glossy, healthy and manageable. Keune Protein Spray is an instant multi purpose leave-in conditioner that helps to even porosity and repairs split ends. Can be used during and coloring and perm treatments, as a cutting lotion and as a light weight conditioner.

    Why it works

    Green Tea and Chamomile Extracts work as an anti-oxidant. Conditions the hair without build-up moisturizes the hair. Prevents porous hair and split ends. Gives the hair body and shine. Can be used as leave in and rinse out. Multi Vitamin complex protects the hair and scalp.

    How to use

    As a Leave-in: Spray on the hair and massage lightly. Style as desired. As a rinse-out: Spray thoroughly on shampooed hair, leave in for 3 minutes and rinse out. As Pre-perm: Spray on the hair, comb through, and perm as usual. For extremely damaged hair spray on before neutralizing.As Skin protection: Apply on the sensitive skin from end to skin before the desired treatment. Do not rinse out.

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